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The Gary Medina Educational Scholarship


Eligibility requirements

1.  You have been residing in inland Mendocino County or Lake County during all or part of 2018.                                                                                                                                                    2.  You are seriously pursuing further growth in ceramic arts through education and/or personal projects.

3.  You are not a member of the MICA board.

4.  You  will need two different people, unrelated to you, write letters of  recommendation. The recommended guidelines for writing these letters are attached. Make copies for your records before submitting them with your  application.

Print and complete this form. Include two letters of recommendation with the application.  If you have an artists' statement, please include.
Mail it to: Debra Haber, P.O Box 1725, Ukiah, CA, 95482


Name                          ____________________________________________

Address                     ____________________________________________


Telephone                  ____________________________________________

E-mail Address         ____________________________________________


How long have you been creating ceramic arts?______________________________

What is your ultimate goal in the field of ceramic arts?_________________________

Describe the body of work that you have been focused on recently._______________


What are your major influences in the direction of your work? ___________________


Do you belong to any organizations that have affected your work in clay or your personal growth ?



Have  you exhibited your work?  If so, where and when?   ___________________________________________________________________________________________________



 Choose  either an EDUCATIONAL GOAL or a PROJECT GOAL to apply for this  scholarship. Fill out the information for the selected goal only:

Educational Goal: 

State what school you have been attending recently.____________________________

What  is the name of the school or center for the arts where you plan to  further your education in ceramic arts?  ________________________________________________

Have you already applied to go there?_______________________________________

Have you been accepted yet?______________________________________________

If you have been accepted, when does the program start? _______________________

What  is your proposed program of study and educational goal?  ___________________  ______________________________________________________________________

Project Goal:

In  lieu of an educational goal, describe your ceramic arts project and  your specific plans for achieving the goals of your project through  skills training or other means.  ______________________________________________________________________








Describe  your personal attributes and why you would be a deserving scholarship  recipient.______________________________________________________________








Attach the letters to this application
Thank  you for writing a reference for ____________________, who is applying  for the MICA scholarship for Ceramic Arts. MICA, Mendocino Inland  Ceramic Artists Guild, is providing a scholarship to an exemplary  ceramic artists to assist him/her in meeting set learning goal.

Here are some guidelines for writing this letter of reference. Try to cover the following subjects:

How long have you known the candidate and it what capacity (employer, instructor, friend etc.)?

Based  on your knowledge of the candidates achievements and strengths,  describe the candidates attributes. Does he/she have clear goals? Do you  feel that the candidate is motivated to achieve these goals? Does the  candidate demonstrate responsibility? How could this candidate be an  inspiration to others?

Please state what you believe to  be the candidates strengths in his/her personal/education/professional  life. If you can, give specific examples of accomplishments.

What is your knowledge of the candidates educational/professional goals and his/her progress toward achieving them?

This scholarship is funded by the membership of MICA to encourage and foster education in the ceramic arts.

The Gary Medina Educational Scholarship