Linda and Jerry Irwin


Linda  and Jerry Irwin came to Mendocino County  in 1976 and made it home. Both are graduates of Cal Poly,  San Luis Obispo and enjoy the country lifestyle. They spent the first twenty years in the work place. Linda as a teacher and Jerry as a Fish and Game Warden. They have two married sons and two grandchildren they enjoy immensely.

Fifteen  years ago they began taking classes  at Mendocino College in the Ceramics Department and have been creating in clay ever since. While at  the college, they were guided in their development by Gary Medina, Larry  Henderson and Doug Browe. They also grew in their craft while attending the dozens of workshops given at the college by nationally known  ceramic artists. Both enjoy making functional ceramic pieces. Linda  brings her love for water color painting to her pottery. She throws  porcelain clay and then decorates with various floral patterns. Her  favorite forms are bowls of various shapes and sizes. She decorates with  Duncan Concepts and then sprays a  clear glaze over the pieces. Jerry  enjoys making mugs, plates and bowls  with a wildlife emphasis. He uses  relief patterns on his pieces,  mostly of moose. He also hand builds and  soda fires work in porcelain.  They recently completed a small working  studio at their residence where  they now make, glaze and fire their  work. Their work is high fired to  cone ten making it very durable, oven  and dishwasher safe