Gail Rushmore

I  tell stories and some of them become sculpture. They are my visual language, my personal narrative. I am a designer with an interest in cultural ornamentation. My background is in 2D graphic arts. Discovering clay has given me a new direction for expression. I work with many mediums, sometimes combining them. It is a satisfying challenge to work  with different materials and methods of construction. When building, I  begin with mental sketches, then hand build, using slabs. The human form is often my canvas though anatomical detail is not necessary. My goal is to tell a story, and have the viewer connect to it, though the  narrative may change in translation.

Raku firing adds spontaneity to my process.  I love the way each firing puts its mark on the  sculpture. These changing conditions can add either frustration or some magic to the final piece. It is this untamed process that keeps me interested and making pieces that speak for themselves.

Welcome to a small piece of my world.