Elena Vanasse Torres


Through  working with clay, I hope to build a relationship with place and earth as well as the elements that are required— fire, wood, minerals, metals, water, soda, stone— to shape and make durable. I am interested in making vessels for tea drinking and am currently exploring rock-like  forms. I treat both my sculptural and functional work as an invitation  for communing with the elements in my daily life. 

I  hold a degree in biology from Arizona State University, where I was  able to take coursework in the ceramic arts— it was here that I was  first exposed to soda, wood, and raku firing. I continue to be in awe of  atmospheric firings and the Japanese tradition of Anagama kiln firing,  and have had the privilege of assisting with the building of an Anagama kiln at Cobb Mountain Art and Ecology in Cobb Mountain, CA.  Someday, I  would like to build a kiln in my home of Puerto Rico.