Diane Clifton


 The  incredible forms and patterns in nature are my inspiration. As a child I  enjoyed the outdoors and my fascination grew after reading a biography  of Charles Darwin. Curiosity was piqued and a closer look at the natural  world ensued. I am constantly influenced by my observations: the gentle  spiral of a calla  lily petal, the lace windows on a decaying oak leaf,  the staggered weave of kernels on a head of wheat.

Pulling forms on a potter’s wheel, the clay passing through my fingers, is meditative;  the feeling is calm, centered, and in the moment. It is gratifying when the hands perform the ideas conceived. It allows for communication between me and the recipients of my work. My desire is to express my delight in nature’s abundant diversity and beauty and to participate in the pleasure that  can be had in using an object made by hand for the  hands of another.