Barbra Kristin Voorhies


My most recent body of work features geometric surface designs applied to  both wheel-thrown and hand-built forms from stoneware clay. Here, I am  inspired by my former mentor/instructor, master potter, Dean Strawn  (1920-1994). I give primary importance to creating a design that fits  and compliments the form. Secondly, I aim for a feeling of movement and  energy within a sense of harmony. An extension of this goal is my commitment and interest in the “contrast” of elements. Curvilinear vs. angular lines usually dominate my geometric designs. Variation in value, color, size, and texture are also emphasized.

​These projects are each unique and labor intensive. They lend themselves to  experimenting with various techniques including incising, carving,  texturing, and most recently, stretching the clay. When the incised lines repeatedly open wide then recede from the stretching process, motion becomes emphasized. I also utilize various glazes, engobes, underglazes, and  different firing methods, although predominately I fire to cone 10 reduction in a propane fueled updraft kiln.